Thursday, February 26, 2009

Due Date Mistake

Everytime someone asks me when I am due I usually told them March 10. But today when I went for my checkup I found out that my original due date is March 15. Then when I got the second ultrasound I found out that it got changed to March 8. But the nurse told me that the original due date is what they go by. Now I am all confused on the dates. All I know is the baby will come out when she is ready. Or unless there is a need for medical intervention...or hopefully not. So FYI everyone, my baby will be here during the month of March...:)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

President's Day Sale

Despite the rainy weather, I managed to go shopping at DD's Discounts. Nowadays, it's shopping for either baby clothes or shoes. And not even heels but comfortable shoes for walking. It's so much fun buying stuff for babies.

Valentine's Day

My mom and I got flowers and chocolates. It's unfortunate because the sun ain't out much for the flowers to really open up. But I love my sunflowers :) Thank you GG

But the surprising thing was that baby got an entirely separate gift from mine. I guess it's Christine's rights to spoil her.

Ultrasound Pictures

Baby's first pictures.

I'm Pregnant

Found out in Fiji that I was pregnant. On my last month now. Here are my body changes in the last few months.

I am having a baby girl by March 10 (hopefully). Can't wait to be a mom.


This is a way better than writing in a journal. Where to begin....Oh yes!!!