Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Angel

Dear Bloggers, after much anticipation and overwhelmed joy, l'd like to present to you my little princess, Asha Nicole Prasad.
At the moment she is 10 days old and as l had predicted, she is very stubborn when it comes to nap times, which clearly indicates that she got it from her could be me. But the one feature that clearly relates to me (which is as evident as the nose on my face!) is her nose which is my nose...on my face. Yep, l guess it's true what they say; yuor baby is a tiny picture of who you were when you were born.

After continious cuddling and cooing, my wife has very quickly managed to control this litle bundle of joy. She was pretty scared when she was in her final month, asking me every now and then, "l'm really scared of holding the baby...what if l drop her?!". Well, that seemed a long time ago since she is doing very well. Too well really since our little Asha does not clearly appreciate her space. (She loves constant hugs, it comes from both of us really..). Clearly l had not truly trained myself for the big news, l was in shock for a whole 5 minutes before my voice kicked in. And of course the only intelligent question l had to ask myself was "Is she sure?" (Cathy had texted me at 1.15am in the morning Fijian time). l hardly slept that night. l was really happy. Very happy. So happy that not any horrid thing at that moment could kill my buzz. Well...then came Monday of course...and yeah.

Feeling really proud to be a dad, just 23 years old and already l'm beging to feel the ol' gramps in me, you know, the wise talk and all that. l feel totally young except sometimes when l'm hanging with my buds in the pub (Bar is an ugly word), l kinda ended the whole evening with my "I really think l should go home early today...." speech. Guys giving me the "You Crazy?!" look. But l guess it happens to the best of us. Certain amazing situations bring out the best in you and you adjust to it pretty well. Thats what l did, until Saturday. But that was more of a "Happy Father's Day" celebration.

So l have lived my youth, l really have. Now l guess l will live it again through my daughter's eyes. Wow! Just saying the word "daughter" gave me an energy boost. So yeah, l am a father and it's a proud moment. Although this distance is driving me crazy, not a lot of fathers could deal with this situation, but l am trying. The only strength l had was my love for my wife, now its the moment when l will hold my child. It keeps me strong and by the will of god, l will make it. Just hope time stands still enough for her to stop growing for a bit, but l guess thats a lot to ask. Love really works in misterious ways, my friends, and with your hopes and blessings, l know we'll be a family soon.

So thats that, l really have no words to tell you all how freaken' awesome it feels to be me right now, but it is truly amazing. If my little princess grows old enough to read this, l love you so much my angel. You have made your daddy proud.