Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello There

After much anticipation and emotional cyclones, we have achieved our target. Our little Asha Nicloe Prasad is not so little anymore but a 12 kilo healthy 1 year old that now knows how to say "mamma" and "dah' (working on the grammer..).

She is ultimately the biggest achievement of my life (even though my wife Cathy reminds me I had invested 15% or so) which I feel I have truly deserved 15% of the credt (honey, we bargined and there it is!).

Wow, you have no idea how much this little girl acts much like her parents, I mean the quick little giggles, the constant smiles and the cuteness (just like her mom) and the healthy apetite (all her daddy's of course!). She love pictures and phones and smashing things that confuse her (mummy) adn she love bitnig into things that look anything like food (yep, daddy has immense skills).

I absolutely love her teeth!! Gosh!! (gosh is baby-proof of inapproriate language, obviously) she really loves to chow down on anything that can be chowed down on (and atleast this time...with an "awe' guys). She is like this cute little white shark( like the ones you kow are really cute with baby teeth, if that makes sense?) you have no idea what I pull out of her mouth, wires, toys, shoes,phones, cameras and even plates (I mean, com'on child, you dont bite the plate that serves you..).

But her awesome little baby teeth will tear a chicken piece until not a trace will be left (apart from the millions of tiny shreds lying all around her..). I sometimes get so proud that I even join her (and wash the dishes as punishment later) but the main thing, wow her tiny razor-sharp 'bit me fingers too" teeth and thats not the best thing. There are more to come (dah-dah-da!!!). Amazing? I know!

Anyway thats all for now, I will come back with more sharp details of her teeth.

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