Saturday, March 5, 2011

Random trip to Wal-mart

(one Gain sheet not pictured)
(8) Gain Fabric Softener Sheets (80 ct) $3.26 each
(1) Reach Floss (55 yd) $0.97
(1) Pampers Wipes (72 ct) $1.97

10% employee discount $2.90
(8) $3/1 Gain Fabric Softener or Sheets exp. 3/31/11 (RP 2/13/11)
(1) $1/1 Reach toothbrush or floss product printable (
(1) $1/1 Pampers Wipes 60 ct or larger (mailer)

Total before coupons: $29.02
TOTAL AFTER COUPONS: $2.41 (including tax)

I went to Walmart last month(2/26) and got a raincheck for the Gain Sheets but they hadn't called me to let me know if any came in. Today when we stopped at the store on the way back from Chuck E Cheese there it was, all stocked and ready to be bought. I wonder if the store would have called me before the coupon expires at the end of this month. The sheets smell so good that I decided to use one as a car air freshener.


  1. LOL! Good idea about using the Gain as a car air freshner!! I put all my sheets in my stockpile pantry in the garage and everytime I walk by it, I have to stop for a minute, close my eyes, and take a long sniff. LOL

    Have you had any "issues" with overage at Walmart since the policy update? I want to test it out, but just really haven't gathered up the energy to go in ready for a fight, negotiation, manager-involvement, cashier training session, etc. and so forth. The last 2 times I went (right before the policy change) were 2 of the worst visits ever at Walmart and they both involved those Gain coupons.

  2. I haven't made it out to Walmart since the policy update. Called to find out if they had the trial purex sheets..but they don't stock that. So I don't have anything to buy there. Will let you know if something comes up.