Wednesday, July 6, 2011

$2.14 Trip to Target

(2) Zantac 75 (30 ct) $15.58
(1) Wet Ones Moist Wipes (15 ct) $0.99
(2) OralB Essential Floss $1.94
(1) Revlon Nail Clip with Catcher $2.29
(1) Revlon Compact Emery Boards (10 ct) $1.27
(1) Revlon Nail Clippers $1.59

(1) $5/2 Revlon Beauty Tools CAT @ Target
(1) $2/1 Revlon Beauty Tools CAT @ Target
(2) $0.75/1 OralB Floss or Floss Picks exp. 7/31/11 (P&G 7/3/11)
(2) $5/1 Zantac Product printable (
(2) $2/1 Zantac Heartburn Relief Item, 24 ct @ Target
(1) $0.50/1 Wet Ones Moist Wipes @ Target

Total before coupons: $23.66
TOTAL AFTER COUPONS: $2.14 (including tax)

Yesterday I had made a trip to Target also. Worst experience ever. I had four of the $5/2 Revlon Beauty Tools (SS 6/26/11). I had read up on some blogs that they would automatically adjust at the register if the tools weren't quite $5. So I picked up four nail files at $1.27 each and some tools ranging $2.29-3.49. Everything else went smoothly until we reached the Revlon coupons. I asked the cashier to scan it in but she refused and decided to call the manager. Okay, I waited a bit. Then without even scanning the coupon to see what it would do, the manager told me that she would take only three of the coupons so I would have to pay. She said I was supposed to grab a nail file and eyelash curler as pictured on the coupon. I told her the wording of the coupon is what matters not the picture. No where did it say to only buy the items pictured. Then she told the cashier to add up what the cost of all the Revlon tools would be and take off exactly that amount or adjust it after scanning the coupons. After all this fuss, the coupons were scanned in. They adjusted automatically. No need for a manual input. No need for manager approval. I waited for 20 minutes while everything was scrutinized. I asked the manager why the cashier wouldn't just scan in the coupon in the first place. If they coupon wouldn't have adjusted, then she could have simply voided it. The manager started apologizing and offered me $3 Gift Card. I told her that to keep her gift card and start listening to her customers and stop treating couponers like criminals. I spend so much time to make sure the coupons are for the items I buy. But when you get this kind of treatment it's disappointing.

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