Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have a dream.....

So l have a habit of daydreaming my way through work, so it came as no surprise that my boss caught me staring into space again. Except this time (from his usual "What is wrong with you?") he smiled and said "Yeah, we know....your gonna be a father.." and with that, he disappeared off my screen. (He uses skype to spy!) Well, l was surprised and "goshed" at the same time. Yeah, still dazed from the fact the in any time within these two approaching weeks, there's a tiny human girl coming into this world. She's going to hold my hand and call me "daddy!" and ask me to get her a pony as soon as she gets tired of piggy-back rides.
So the most awkward moment in a father's life is when his daughter realizes her fascination with boys. And the feeling that will disturb me when she invites over her new boyfriend. l guess its a feeling like "Huh...so that's why all my girlfriend's dads had that same look...". And maybe they just simply wished for you to have a girl so you can also understand why they just won't like you no matter what you do!
So for all those new baby-girl fathers, welcome to the world of parenthood. Maybe we should all get together and start a Pony farm or a Barbie factory, it will easier on our pockets. Gosh, do you know how much stuff them babies need? Alot! l mean, first there's the food, then the different types of food in different flavours and sizes. Then you have special tools to feed them the food and special clothes to prevent spilling of the food. Then you clean off the food-eating apparatus (that's the baby of course) with 2.5kg of cleaning ingredients and water. Then you change the nappy which stores the outcoming food (or whats left of it) and dispose it in a toxic-sealable containment. Sounds like a true Fatherhood training program. But the mommies are there too (they suddenly appear when u make a mistake) well, thats what l often hear.
But overall, l guess for any perfect dream, you gotta work hard. In the end, you get a real princess in your castle. As long as she messes things around and gets supervised by mommy, just like daddy, well l guess thats fine by me.

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