Monday, March 9, 2009

The "New Dad" Feeling

So it turns out that all those "amazing feelings" and "proud moments" that usually new fathers refer to, are indeed, not explainable...that is to me. But the cool thing is, there is a child inside my wife that, amazingly, will carry a part of me for her future to come. She would probably take up Cathy's looks (honestly, my wife is hot!) and maybe take up my bizarre hobbies, (building amazing models and sculptures only to finally destroy them and mimicking people..). Not really cool hobbies, l know but l guess my wife digs them (because she married me). So it's really weird, this stuff l think about, you know, usually about the baby, my family and the future. But you just can't describe what goes in your head, when this moment approaches. l mean, you know she's pregnant and you know it's a baby, but, when you actually see her think "Dang! l feel l got hit in the head with this situation.." and you think "l am not prepared for this.."

It was totally natural for me to understand and agree to have a baby, because that's what you do right? You get married and you wanna have kids and start a small family. But when you reach the timeline around the final month, you start getting paranoid and happy at the same time. l once sat down on a park bench for 2 hours to calculate how much baby nappies (diapers) would cost us in an year! Weird, l know but the whole "You gonna be a father!!!" thing from everyone really jerks your productivity level.

But at the end of the day, l love it. The whole thing. l love my wife and l love my child. Even though something tells me that raising a baby is not really a "dream come true" but at least, we will do it together and have fun. Yeah, l love the feeling of being a father. l hope if you are dreaming of becoming one or already are, l guess there are no words. Just smiles all around. Well that is, till the day she grows up and learns about credit cards.....

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