Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Mystery of My Angel

So here's the big question; What will my baby girl look like? To understand what the baby may look like or which one of the parent's characteristics would the baby imitate, we have to first understand the parents. So here is my very first attempt to predicting what my baby girl may look like. A very lame attempt at that but l guess there's no harm in guessing what beautiful features this new addition of my family would possess.

Gosh! l guess you may realize how paranoid l get sometimes, well that's what Cathy said when she read my last post. Well here l go:

So here's what l know about Cathy. She loves dreaded moment whenever we go shopping was to pass by a shoe store. She loves all those girly things, you know, like love songs, surprise moments with flowers, cakes and anything with sugar, credit cards, crying when l get all romantic and your usual "I'm not going to talk to you..." routines when you make a mistake. But the best thing about her is her big brown eyes and her smile. She loves to smile and that's exactly what she does when she wants to cheer me up. (Really good for paranoid people). And she has this really cute look that just leaves the word....wanting more. She's cute and lets just say too cute sometimes.

And about me. Well, l am honestly weird, very orthodox when it comes to doing something boring. l am a romantic alias poet and florist on weekends. l enjoy family but hate large strange crowds. l slowly adapt but with a pessimistic attitude. l like being the goofy one in the marriage, gives me more leverage when l bargain to watch TV. I love writing (as you may now realize) and am a fanatic for western american novels preferably by Louis La'mour. I love movies, being lazy (which really should be an art!) and having fun. I am only serious about 3 things in life; Bills, Beer prices and How hot my wife looks.

If my baby girl has her genes on a 75% - 15% ratio over mine then l guess her genes would be dominant, right? I really should have paid more attention back in Bio class. So my prediction would be of a baby girl around 2 years old, focused over a laptop and busy engaged in some serious online shopping!

On the other hand, if my baby girl has truly gone on her dad then we can clearly predict 3 things;
1. Her favourite hobbies will include naps, sleep and relaxation,
2. Her first boyfriend will learn the meaning of "karate chop", and
3. She will do her best to protect daddy from mommy.

Well, there are chances of course, that the baby would turn out to have a totally new character. Which could be the change of spice we need to be an amazing family. Building a family is easy, keeping a family happy is fun, not hard. You just need the right fatherly attitude and a year supply of coffee (the strong kind). But overall, l've seen happy dads, and l guess l have to admit, l aim to beat them at being the happiest father in the world.

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  1. Mr. Ningning, Its so nice to hear you say (write) something. Cathy's been married all this time and I didn't get to have the "best buddy" opinion of the hubby, because I haven't met you.

    My opinion is forming...its positive.